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Deterring North Korea

Much of international security depends on maintaining credible deterrence. Effective deterrence relies on two key factors: capability and credibility. In order to prevent a hostile force from attacking, countries need to be able to show that they have the resources … Continue reading

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House moves to tighten N. Korea sanctions. Will that strengthen US policy? This is a good sign.  These sanctions are similar to the Banco Delta Asia sanctions that I wrote about previously here:      On Thursday the House Foreign … Continue reading

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Contemporary South Korean and U.S. Views on the Alliance

The U.S.-ROK alliance was built on the logic of the Cold War and kept in place by authoritarian leaders in South Korea.  The shift away from these two key realities has led many on both sides to seek to change … Continue reading

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The effect of human rights concerns on U.S.-East Asia relations

Human rights are a major area of contention in relations between the United States and East Asia.  At times, there is conflict because of different cultural perceptions of human rights, and other times there is conflict due to perceived American … Continue reading

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The Importance of Confucianism and East Asia

I have just started my East Asia since 1945 class and one of the first topics we discussed was Confucianism and its role in the the rise of East Asia since WWII.  Whenever I read about this or discuss this, … Continue reading

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