My summer at the Army War College- Meeting interesting people

As I am close to finishing my summer at the Army War College, just one week left, it seemed like time to just briefly list some of my highlights from the summer. Once it is finished I will write up a more substantive review.

One of the best parts of the summer were the people that I have had a chance to meet. Here are some of the most interesting, in no particular order.

– Major-General Robert Gordon, Ret.
Robert Gordon is a retired British general and he was the U.N. Peacekeeping force commander for the Eritrea-Ethiopia mission. During one of the first weeks of the internship he came and spoke to all the interns and allowed us to ask him any questions we wanted. I learned a lot about U.N. Peacekeeping in a way that you can’t get from books.

– Michael Matrinko
Mr. Matrinko is one of the most knowledge and interesting people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and I met him twice. He has had a long career, 5 years in the peace corp and many in the State Department. I learned a lot about Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iran- all places he has served- during the two times he hosted interns in his beautiful home. He is perhaps most famous for being a hostage during the Iranian hostage crisis, but has moved past that.

-Dr. Paul Kan
Professor Kan is an expert on international crime and the drug trade. He has also written one of my favorite monograph. When I found out he was working at the War College he was kind enough to meet with me and talk abotu his work personally.

At the War College, most of the people are either active duty, or retired, colonels, so I also had a chance to learn about many interesting things about the places where they had served, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans. The chance to hear from people who had practical on the ground experience has made this internship invaluable for me.

About Leon Whyte

I'm a recent graduate of the Fletcher school of Law and Diplomacy. My interests include Pacific Asia and Security. I am looking for related opportunities.
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