The Fight for Democracy and Freedom in Hong Kong

As I mentioned in the past few posts, I have been reading Francis Fukuyama’s book The End of History where he talks about liberal democracy being the end state of human history. Over the last few posts I have been quite critical of that idea, and I am critical of it, but today is the 4th of July, and my Birthday, so today I wanted to celebrate freedom and those that are fighting for it.

Mass democracy march in Hong Kong

This is a picture from a massive march with hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong supporting democratic principles. Beijing is promising universal sufferage by 2017, but Beijieng would chose the candidates available to be voted on. I am truly impressed by these people, and wish them the best of luck. I should also note that it was raining, making the turnout more impressive.


Then again, I feel Hong Kong is pretty impressive in general.
Hong Kong Tianamen Square memorial Hong Kong Tianamen Square Memorial


About Leon Whyte

I'm a recent graduate of the Fletcher school of Law and Diplomacy. My interests include Pacific Asia and Security. I am looking for related opportunities.
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