Welcome to a small crowded world blog

To paraphrase Shakespeare, All the world’s a stage, and all the international actors merely players.  I realize this is perhaps an ignoble way to start the blog, but I have a grand vision for it, so what better way to start than a misappropriation from a great.  Working along with that theme, this stage has gotten increasingly small and crowded since the end of WWII.  In 1945 the UN only had 51 members, and now there are 193 countries all with a role to play and wants and needs that will all play out in increasingly interesting and surprising ways.  Other smaller actors have been pushing their way to the front of the stage giving surprising and startling performances, from armed groups to NGO’s they are all shouting above the din caused by states arguing and deal making amongst themselves.

This blog will be about my increasing understanding about this new world.  I am a graduate student at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, about to finish my first semester, and at the moment starting this blog seems more important and interesting than studying for my upcoming finals and writing my papers.  At the school I am focusing on Pacific Asia and Security, so the blog will probably roughly follow these themes, but I’m sure I will include other things as well.  I will be staring into the abyss of the anarchy of the international system, won’t you please join me.


About Leon Whyte

I'm a recent graduate of the Fletcher school of Law and Diplomacy. My interests include Pacific Asia and Security. I am looking for related opportunities.
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9 Responses to Welcome to a small crowded world blog

  1. You’ve chosen a hornet’s nest there with Pacific Asia Security! Good luck.

  2. Leon Whyte says:

    Thanks. Combining the two areas of study seem increasingly appropriate with China’s new ADIZ and all the trouble over in North Korea.

    • Seems like you’ll be doing a PhD rather than a plain Masters/

      • Leon Whyte says:

        At my school we pick two areas of concentration, so that’s normal. I might do a PHD at some point, but for now the idea of spending 5 years after getting my masters still at school is more than I want to think about. Thanks for the links on the articles, they sound interesting. Tomorrow is my international law final, so I will hold off reading them until after that, but will probably post my thoughts on them afterwards.

      • Leon Whyte says:

        Thanks for the two articles. I can’t imagine them being able to fight six successive wars, but I can imagine Chinese nationalists wanting to imagine it. I do of course not want any of this to come about, especially in regards to Taiwan. I really rather like Taiwan as it is now. It’s almost as if the writer of this article has not realized that we are living in a nuclear world. I could believe that China might take Taiwan and the U.S. would blink, but I don’t think the U.S. would have that much restraint for six successive wars, not to mention that if Japan sees all this aggression they will not hesitate, in my calculations, to increase militarization or obtain their own nuclear deterrent. Anyways, that’s my take, what’s yours?

      • Like you, I think the author of the “Six Wars that China is sure to fight” is not realistic and certainly not taking geopolitics into account. In each of the six situations, China is not the only party to be concerned. At least one other if not a lot more countries will be concerned, some enough to take sides. Let’s hope it is one person’s idea and not an expression of hidden agendas of the leaders.

      • Leon Whyte says:

        Maybe secret fantasy, but with this new ADIZ if anything it shows that war could break out from miscalculation and hubris rather than true strategic thinking. Your comment reminded me of something my security studies professor loves to say, the other side gets a vote.

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